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Property markets and property investors

Updated: Jun 3

Winter semester lecture at the TU Munich

As every year, Gunnar Gombert looks forward to his winter semester lecture at the Technical University of Munich on property markets and property investors. This time, the first part of the lecture was completely without sponge and chalk.

Lecture on property markets at TUM (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Interest rates up, values down, and rents?

Instead, there were lively discussions on the many conflicting goals in the property industry:

  • Rising interest rates

  • Low rates of new construction with high demand

  • Complicated building regulations and slow processes

  • Challenging decarbonisation and land consumption

  • Rising rents and falling values.

Sponge chalk (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Many thanks to the Master's students, the Technical University of Munich and Prof Dr Bing Zhu and Prof Dr Konrad Nübel.

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