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High-rise excursion in Munich

Ten Towers 2.0

Together with Real Estate management students from the IU International University of Applied Sciences, we enjoyed an inspiring guest lecture including a tour of a high-rise building by Thomas Rübelmann and Veit Weidinger from Wealthcap (UniCredit) as part of Gunnar Gombert's lecture series.

High-rise excursion with IU students, Veit Weidinger, Thomas Rübelmann and Gunnar Gombert (Source: Private photo)

At the centre: property of a real estate fund

The focus was on a property of a real estate fund: the TEN TOWERS. The towers not only offered impressive views of the Werksviertel, the mountains and the city, but were also ideal for discussing the current challenges facing fund managers, such as the sharp rise in costs, changes in demand, ESG and digitalisation.

View of the Ten Towers in Munich (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Revitalisation of a "single-tenant" high-rise building

This is a revitalisation of a former "single-tenant" high-rise building with 70,000 m² of space! From new utilisation concepts and climate protection to NewWork, we gained an insight into the work of a real estate asset manager - which is currently increasing significantly.

View of the Ten Towers in Munich (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Value appreciation or value retention?

Particularly exciting: the debate about value appreciation and value retention. Thomas emphasised: "There are many forces acting on property these days that didn't exist in the past."dern unser Branchenverständnis und inspirieren zu innovativem Denken.

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