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Digital paths for sustainable urban development

Fascinating insights into a case study

Marc-Christian Hodapp from urbanistic shared his insights at the IU International University of Applied Sciences in the Real Estate Management course not only in presence at the campus in Munich, but also online in Mannheim for the courses of Prof. Dr Gombert.

Lecture in Munich with Marc-Christian Hodapp from urbanistic and Gunnar Gombert (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Building rights and co.

Challenges in obtaining building rights, land issues and the entire process from urban planning to architectural competition, public participation and approval were the topics.

Densification in the neighbourhood

The initial focus was on the redensification of the Dawonia neighbourhood "Am Dülfer Anger" in Munich's Hasenbergl district from the 1960s. Later, there were discussions about optimisation possibilities through data, including the introduction of new digital tools to save costs, improve communication and adapt to political constraints.

Classroom lecture in Munich with Marc-Christian Hodapp from urbanistic (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Digital tools for project development

Project developers, architects, planning offices: Do you keep an eye on all the potential and risks of planning projects? Do you generate and compare development variants in real time? Do you create feasibility studies within minutes? Do you automatically incorporate all site information, building regulations and key figures into early planning processes?

Digital tools for project development (source: urbanistic)

A fascinating look behind the scenes of sustainable urban development! Many thanks, Marc-Christian and urbanistic, for this inspiring session!

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