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The valiant cross-legged seat

Or: "Seven at one stroke"

What an inspiring time. Gunnar Gombert Strategy Consulting at the 2nd Munich Neighbourhood Congress!

Sitting cross-legged at the 2nd Munich Neighbourhood Congress (Image source: SINN MEDIA)

Seven central themes

Seven central topics were focussed on there:

  1. Mixed rather than mono stock: a plea for diverse stock that takes into account the different needs of society.

  2. Neighbourhood revitalisation through creative cooperation: The need to make neighbourhoods more vibrant through innovative partnerships.

  3. Needs-based data for better decisions: The importance of data-driven decisions for effective neighbourhood development.

  4. Grandchildren-friendly investment: The focus on sustainable investments that will also benefit future generations.

  5. Financing social sustainability: The challenges and solutions for financing socially sustainable projects.

  6. Reducing bureaucracy for remodelling: An appeal for fewer bureaucratic hurdles to facilitate remodelling projects.

  7. Feminist perspectives in urban development: The need to increasingly include female and diverse perspectives in decision-making processes.

...and workshops at the 2nd Munich Neighbourhood Congress (Image source: SINN MEDIA)

The workshops were not only productive, but also raised exciting questions:

  • How can we ensure that we only build what society really needs?

  • How do we create needs-based offers in the neighbourhood?

  • How do we promote diversity at management level and thus in decisions on construction projects?

  • What measures can be taken today to utilise the potential of existing buildings and avoid demolition?

The ZukunftsQuartiere team summarises (Image source: SINN MEDIA)

Ulf Walliczek from the ZukunftsQuartiere team sums up "how valuable it is to bring together people from very different bubbles, with their diverse expertise and perspectives." Many thanks for the invitation and the outstanding event. Also a big thank you to React-promotion.

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