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Real Estate Industry Day 2024

Updated: 7 days ago

Resilient. Together. Determined. Now more than ever!

I am delighted to be taking part in the Real Estate Industry Day 2024 - "Tag der Immobilienwirtschaft 2024" - (TDI). The TDI, organised by the German Property Federation (ZIA), is more than just an important event for the industry and politicians.

Gunnar Gombert Strategy Consulting at the ZIA - Real Estate Industry Day 2024 (Source: ZIA/Gunnar Gombert)

Important date for the industry and politics

At a time when familiar certainties are fading and global challenges such as military conflicts, energy and financial crises are shaping our reality, the TDI offers a platform for intensive dialogue. Around 2,500 leading representatives of the property industry will come together to exchange ideas. This year's motto "Resilient. Together. Determined. Now more than ever!" emphasises the urgency and the collaborative approach we need to take.

Enormous challenges - joint efforts necessary

The keynote speeches by top political decision-makers, expert panels with high-calibre guests and the discussions in the business round table will provide important impetus for a courageous and future-oriented policy.

The current financial issues, the ongoing pressure from climate change, the need for creative redesign of our city centres and comprehensive digitalisation require our full attention and innovative strength. Whether in the office, healthcare, retail, hotel industry, logistics or residential construction - the challenges are enormous and require strong joint efforts.

Fancy a meeting on site?

I am particularly looking forward to meeting old acquaintances and friends, as well as representatives of the ZIA and politicians. These meetings offer valuable opportunities to cultivate existing relationships and make new contacts.

It is an opportunity to set the course for a sustainable and resilient future. Fancy a meeting on site? Feel free to get in touch. I look forward to it! See you soon for a productive and insightful TDI 2024!

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