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Do you see it too?

According to most MIPIM participants, it will have a strong influence on the market, regardless of possible interest rate cuts.

No? We're talking about the refinancing wave...

The refinancing wave - See you in Cannes 2025! (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Goodbye MIPIM

The property fair is now over! But what exactly happened there? The day before the trade fair, a visit to our consulting armchair in the MIPIM Bulli on the Croisette was on the agenda. The topics were those of the MIPIM itself: The economic situation, deals, pricing, financing as well as office vacancies, Home for all and Housing Matters, Sustainable Cities.

PropTech landscape fragmented like the property industry itself

PropTechs were finally represented in large numbers. That's a good thing! The industry urgently needs them. However, the landscape is as fragmented as the industry itself. We kept hearing the two letters AI, but we wondered whether, given the current state of digitalisation, they might be too much for one or two companies. AI without data - is that possible?

Not a turning point "Zeitenwende", but an adjustment

Ultimately, it is about adaptability, change and transition - not "turnaround"! Business and operating models need to be significantly corrected and adapted, creative refinancing models should be reconsidered.

If you are currently dealing with adaptation - business model, operating model, sales, refinancing, transaction - feel free to contact us and follow Gunnar Gombert Strategy Consulting!

And: Thank you to our dialogue partners at MIPIM 2024 - it was fun.

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