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My highlights of the ZIA TDI 2024

Industry meeting in Berlin on the Day of the Property Industry

A large industry and class reunion in the packed Tempodrom in Berlin with over 2,500 participants, true to the motto of the new ZIA President Iris Schöberl: "Let's just do it!".

Iris Schöberl: Impressions of the 2024 Real Estate Industry Day in Berlin (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Highlight of the day

My personal highlight started right at the beginning of the TDI: Iris Schöberl. Congratulations, dear Iris, on your election as ZIA President. A good choice by the members - women's power now from Munich and Berlin with Aygül Özkan.

And thank you, dear Andreas Mattner, for 15 years as ZIA President and very valuable work for the industry! Despite the farewell, he once again gave all types of use a voice and never tired of emphasising that 37% state costs do not lead to more project development. Other countries have significantly less state absorption at this point.

Those who build are penalised and not rewarded.

Christian Lindner: Impressions of the 2024 Real Estate Industry Day in Berlin (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Multiple crises lead to distribution struggles

The fact that we are in a crisis of change became clear in almost every keynote speech:

  • Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner emphasised the need to reduce bureaucracy and introduce reforms to make the property market functional again. Economic strength is important for cohesion. That means improving competitiveness.

  • Minister President Daniel Günther spoke in favour of a positive mentality and more responsibility.

  • Federal Building Minister Clara Geywitz confirmed once again that the sector's engine is still running at low revs - after all, it doesn't have an electric drive yet. Many things are being worked on: social housing, Afa for new builds, building type E, roof construction without authorisation, simplification of parking spaces, TA Lärm.

We hope that this will strengthen competitiveness and solve challenges!

Moritz Schularick: Impressions of the 2024 Real Estate Industry Day in Berlin (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

“The game is not the same!”

Professor Moritz Schularick gave an exciting outlook on the global economy and spoke of real estate fears in an international industry comparison. Five years of no growth in Germany, now China is also flat - overproduction, overcapacity - and the rapid growth there is over.

There are a few tasks to be completed in Germany in order to catch up again! Here, too, we need to Strengthen competitiveness.

Sven Plöger: Impressions of the 2024 Real Estate Industry Day in Berlin (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

"The planet doesn't need us, we need the planet!"

Last but not least: meteorologist Sven Plöger reminded us of our responsibility and the opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions in the industry. "The planet doesn't need us, we need the planet!"

Thanks to everyone for the inspiring discussions and valuable dialogue!

By the way, I commented on TDI 2024 in the Builtworld session the morning after. If you fancy taking a look: BUILTWORLD - Proptech Insights - PropTech Insights DACH: Marktzyklen & Trends

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