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Broker gives courage

Inspiring guest lecturer talk in Mannheim

And another inspiring guest lecturer talk this week. This time at the IU International University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim.

Konstantinos Krikelis from JLL with IU students (Source: Private photo)

Hybrid session - theory & practice closely interwoven

Under the expert guidance of Konstantinos Krikelis from JLL, Gunnar Gombert organised a hybrid session for his Mannheim Bachelor of Real Estate Management course - both on site and online. Theory & practice closely interwoven thanks to Konstantinos.

Marketing process using the example of a high-rise office building

He not only taught the basics of the property brokerage business, but also made the complex world of an investment broker tangible. From the sales story, pricing and target investors to the teaser and investment memorandum - a comprehensive insight into the pitch and marketing process using a high-rise office building in Mannheim as an example.

Local letting and investment markets

His in-depth knowledge of the local letting and investment markets in Mannheim was also extremely valuable and provides encouragement for the future of the property industry. We'll see, ECB!

By the way, it seems that careers are usually only made in the office and not at home.

Many thanks, Konstantinos, for this informative session!

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