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Can strategic management give property companies a comparative advantage?

Gunnar's Keynote speech at the P5 Property Congress

First of all: "I would never have thought it possible to be pictured in a congress programme booklet together with our former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and others", said Gunnar Gombert. But that's what happened at P5 THE PROPERTY CONGRESS in Frankfurt. The motto was "True Values", and that's exactly what the industry has to take care of, take a stand.

Extract of the speakers of the congress programme of the P5 Property Congress (Source: Gunnar Gombert)

Six success factors for property companies

As a keynote speaker on the topic of "Can strategic management give property companies a comparative advantage?", it was a pleasure for Gunnar Gombert to reflect with his audience on the market cycle, the maturity of strategic management in property companies and their six success factors. What are they?

  1. Your business model: what role do you play? What sources of income and sectors do you serve? What products do you offer and to which customers? Where are you active geographically and with which asset management strategies?

  2. Your growth strategy: Are you aiming for market penetration or expansion? How fast do you want to grow and with what risk appetite?

  3. Your profitability: do you know your "low-hanging fruits"?

  4. Your organisation: does the structure fit? Do you have the right people on board and are they in the right places?

  5. Your sources of capital: How are you financing your strategy?

  6. Your risk management: Do you have an overview?

Six success factors for property companies within the cyle; Here: Risk management (Source: Dr. Peter Burnickl)

Importance of market cycle and strategic orientation

Where does your company stand in the current cycle? How are you responding? Do you have a plan? Incidentally, exciting survey results with a large sample size have been produced on this and on the strategic maturity of companies.

Strategy Advisory for real estate companies: Gunnar Gombert with Dr. Dominik Benner (Source: Dr. Peter Burnickl)

Interested in support for your corporate strategy?

We would be happy to give a keynote speech including the survey results at your company. Please get in touch.

Gunnar Gombert at the P5 Property Congress in Frankfurt (Source: P5 Team)

Gunnar Gombert STRATEGY CONSULTING supports property companies in their strategy processes - whether they are brokers, fund, asset or property managers, PropTech or architecture firms.

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